Put a Stop to Your Pest Problem

Our local exterminator in Derry, NH can rid your home of rodents and insects

Trying to keep your house free of pests can feel like an endless battle. If you're tired of putting up a fight, calling on the pros at J & S Pest Control. Our local exterminator can get rid of all kinds of pests, including rats, mice, ticks, mosquitos and spiders.

Dealing with an active infestation? You can trust our team to inspect every nook and cranny and get rid of pests wherever they're hiding. We know how stubborn some pests can be, and we'll work hard to get your home pest-free.

Make an appointment for mosquito, spider or rodent control services in the Derry, NH area.

Rely on the local pest control pros

Rely on the local pest control pros

Thinking about handling your pest problem by yourself? You could end up with a serious problem if you don't get the job done properly. Hire our local exterminator because...

  • We can eliminate pests before they spread and multiply
  • We can find and eliminate hidden pests
  • We can often remove pests before they damage your home
Don't wait for mice to chew up your electrical wiring and tear holes in your drywall.